Moa Nun ( Sth Island Giant Moa), Kuranui (Nth Island Great Moa), Moa Waewae taumaha ( Heavy Footed Moa), Moa koukou ( Crested Moa), Moa hakahaka (Stout Legged Moa), Moa Momona (Eastern Moa), Moa pukepuke (Upland Moa), Moa ruarangi (Mantell’s Moa), Moariki ( Little Bush Moa).


2023, cast bronze

9 pieces

Nine bronze feathers represent the nice species of Moa which inhabited Aotearoa New Zealand for millions of years before becoming extinct within 100 years of human settlement.

This is part of a larger installation THE LOST ONES | 54 FEATHERS which is a work in progress. 54 individual bronze feathers represent the bird species that have become extinct since human contact to Aotearoa. From the pouńĀkai (Haast Eagle) to the huia to the tiny matuhituhi (bush wren) this installation, once complete, will spread across a wall in a murmuration.

Moa Feathers are available for sale individually on request. Each feather has bronze pins welded to the reverse for installation.