Giant Charm Bracelet(2020) bronze sculpture by Fiona Garlick

Talismans – Lost Charm Bracelet (2020)

2020, cast bronze

approx 900mm x 200 – 400mm x 100 – 200mm
Limited edition , each unique

3 0f 4 sold



Lost Charm Bracelet is part of a body of work TALISMANS which came out of the lockdown period of Covid 19.   The Covid 19 pandemic, and the visceral fear of the unknown that ensued in the early days of lock down made her think of the plagues that swept through medieval Europe. People were superstitious, full of fear, and relied on talismans and lucky charms to ward off illness. Thus was inspired “Talismans”; lucky charms with a slightly dark aspect; a flawed leaf clover, a moulting rabbit’s foot, a wishbone and an imperfect acorn. Put together on the LOST CHARM BRACELET the charms also represent introduced species of flora and fauna into New Zealand. Brought in with good intentions but, in the case of the rabbit not necessarily charming any more. 

There are 4 versions in existence, each unique in its finish.  The charms are also sold as individual pieces.